Advantages of products using UV paint


2023-03-31 09:09

The product uses UV paint UV paint is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Curing Paint. That is UV-curable paint, also known as photo-initiated paint, photo-curable paint. Unlike PU, PE, NC and other paints, which are named after film-forming substances, UV paints are named after the curing of paint. It is automatically roller-coated and poured onto the surface of the furniture board through machinery and equipment, and through the light curing machine, under the irradiation of ultraviolet light (wavelength 320-390nm) of the UV lamp, the initiator is decomposed, generating free radicals and initiating resin Reaction, instant curing to form a film.
Advantages of UV paint:
1. It is one of the most environmentally friendly paint varieties
2. Very high solid content
3. Good hardness and high transparency
4. Excellent yellowing resistance
5. Long activation period
6. High efficiency, dozens of times that of conventional coating.

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