The era of home distribution 4.0: What challenges will industrial transformation face?


2023-03-31 09:09

All along, social development and economic development have always been accompanied by rounds of rounds of industrial revolutions and model upgrades. This is the summary of solutions to old problems by enterprises, and also the questioning of new problems. In the field of home distribution, the market has experienced three stages of development: market trading, professional wholesale market, and chain operation. Now it is moving towards the era of home distribution 4.0 with standardization, informatization, intensification, and consumption experience upgrade as its core.
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The first three stages of the development of the household distribution industry
Compared with Industry 4.0 and Internet 2.0, the stage development of the household distribution industry is not well known to most people. In fact, from the beginning, the several stages of changes in the household distribution industry also have obvious characteristics:
1. The era of home furnishing 1.0 (market trade type), in the 1980s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, consumers' demand for home products increased rapidly. Some handicraft workshops, carpenters, etc. took their own home products It is sold at a fixed place in the market, and is managed in the form of roadside stalls, selling furniture or building materials, forming a market-oriented market.
Second, the home furnishing 2.0 era (professional wholesale market type), in response to the chaotic operation of roadside stalls, the government and enterprises established their own professional wholesale markets. At this stage, the household business has formed a certain scale, but the overall market function is single, the transaction efficiency is not high, and counterfeit and shoddy are emerging in an endless stream.
Third, the Home Furnishing 3.0 era (chain operation type), in order to expand the scale of operation and improve operating efficiency, some enterprises began to deploy chain operation, using the "market-oriented management, mall-based management" business model. At this stage, the home furnishing chain developed rapidly, and the shopping environment and management services were improved. However, the overall market order, circulation efficiency and consumer shopping experience still need to be improved.
What challenges will home distribution 4.0 face?
Home distribution 4.0 is a concept first creatively proposed by the domestic home distribution company Red Star Macalline in 2015. With a series of theories and application results, it has become a benchmark sample enterprise in Shanghai's domestic trade circulation pilot, and it has also triggered government and academic circles. Great interest. On February 24, Yu Yugang, Dean of the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China and Yangtze River Scholar visited the Red Star Macalline to discuss the theoretical innovation and practical application of "Home Circulation 4.0".
Home distribution 1.0 to 3.0, the market has gone through three development stages of market trade, professional wholesale market, and chain operation. These three stages of development are accompanied by the transformation of the problems that the original model has shown. In the industry's view, the problem to be solved by Home Circulation 4.0 is the challenge brought by consumption upgrade and consumption experience:
1. Informatization service platform: the construction of ERP and O2O platforms for home furnishing companies, horizontally connecting factories, logistics dealers, circulation platforms and consumers in the whole chain of the home furnishing industry, providing an integrated and efficient information service platform;
Second, the logistics supply chain system: with unified logistics distribution, genuine anti-counterfeiting traceability and credit system construction as the core, relying on innovative applications such as payment, standardization, and consumer finance to comprehensively improve the overall efficiency of the home distribution supply chain;
III. Online and offline integration: Taking online and offline integration as the core, comprehensively enhance consumers' shopping experience and guide activation of consumption upgrades.
With the advent of the era of home distribution 4.0, the home distribution market, as an important platform to connect factories, brands and consumers, its fundamental purpose is to solve the problem of high cost and low efficiency in the process of connecting the two, and to create a fundamental The overall ecosystem of the supply chain upgrade and consumption upgrade of the household distribution industry.

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