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The contract signing, stamping and receipt of the external contract related to Zhuhai Hongyue Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Head Office) and Zhongshan Hongchen Wood Products Co., Ltd. (Branch):
Special note: From January 01, 2018, all contracts of the company must be signed and covered by the general manager to become effective, and all other contracts are invalid. All collections are only subject to the company's unified account, the collection of other accounts is regarded as personal behavior, and the company will be regarded as non-company behavior.
Seal use
1.1 The user should fill out the "Use Printing Approval Form" (Annex Table 4), and report to relevant leaders for approval in accordance with the company's authorization before they can be printed.
1.2 All documents that need to be stamped should be stamped with a seam seal if they exceed one page, and any modifications to the content should be stamped after confirmation by the relevant leaders.
1.3 Any seal administrator shall not affix seals to blank formatted documents held by the parties or clients. It is strictly prohibited to issue blank certificates.
1.4 When changing the content of a stamped document, the user of the stamp should return the original document to the custodian for destruction and recording, and then go through the stamping procedure again.
1.5 The seal custodian must strictly check whether the relevant documents, contracts, and materials are in accordance with the content of the approval when stamping the seal, and there must be no altered parts; for the materials with the seal, it should be noted that the payment unit must be consistent with the seal, the position of the seal is appropriate, and the handwriting Correct and clear graphics.
1.6 The seal custodian only has the right to affix seals, but has no right to approve.
1.7 The seal custodian shall not affix a seal on texts with incomplete audit procedures. In case of special circumstances, the relevant authorized leaders are unable to sign, and they are required to affix their seals by calling the authorized leaders for approval, and urge the use of personnel to complete the signature afterwards.
1.8 If the approval procedures do not meet the regulations, the seal custodian shall bear all responsibilities for the seal; the seal custodian shall bear all responsibilities; if the procedures are complete, the applicant and the approver shall bear corresponding responsibilities if there are problems.
1.9 Each seal custodian shall establish a "Registration Book for Use of Seals" (Annex Table 5), detailing the time of use of the seal, the department of use, the user, the number of stamps, the approver, etc., and file regularly.
1.10 The seal custodian shall keep a copy of the important documents with the seal text (except for the financial statements) and file it together with the "Use Seal Approval Form", and archive the use records in monthly order on a monthly basis.
1.11 In principle, the company seal is not allowed to be taken out of the company. It is necessary to take out the seal for more than one day due to special circumstances. You must fill out the "Application Form for the Use of the Seal" (Annex Table 6). Only after approval by the authorized leader can you take out the seal and borrow People can only use the seal for the reasons of application, and should return it immediately after use. The borrower shall bear all consequences related to the borrowed seal during the loan.
1.12 Due to inadvertent losses caused by the use of chapters, the company will hold the relevant personnel accountable until legal responsibility.
1.13 Private collection, withdrawal, report of loss, and handling of various certificates require the unit's introduction letter to be strictly reviewed and approved by the administrative management center. The registration system will be processed and implemented after meeting the requirements.
1.14 Persons who have been transferred, cancelled, or terminated the labor relationship are required to produce relevant certificates. They must hold valid certificates and materials, and they can only be stamped after approval by the leaders of the Ministry of Administration.
Scope of use of company seal
2.1 All the company's seals must be used within the specified scope, and should not be used beyond the scope.
2.2 The scope of use of the company's official seal is mainly:
2.2.1 Documents issued by the company externally;
2.2.2 Documents jointly issued by the company and relevant units;
2.2.3 Certificates and related materials issued by the company;
2.2.4 Financial reports provided by the company externally;
2.2.5 Articles of association and agreements;
2.2.6 Labor contract, employment agreement;
2.2.7 Important legal documents such as guarantees and undertakings.
2.3 The scope of use of the company's contract special seal is mainly:
2.3.1 Foreign investment, joint venture and cooperation agreements;
2.3.2 Various commercial contracts, etc.
2.4 The legal person seal is mainly used for the bank to reserve the seal, which is used in cash receipt and payment, transfer and settlement.
Contracts to be stamped with legal persons, and personnel appointment and removal documents for senior management personnel.
2.5 Special financial seal, which is used to sign financial expenditure and income certificates, and is mainly used for receipts, bank notes and other related businesses.
2.6 Special chapter for invoice, mainly used for purchase and invoicing.
2.7 The special seals of each functional department of the company are used on various internal documents and letters issued in the name of each department, and are prohibited from being used on external documents.

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